Lost & Found

Manolo Redondo - Lost and Found


It all started almost two years ago in Mexico where I had flown to skip the Parisian winter.

I had brought a mobile recording setup with me, bought a $30 guitar in the streets of Mexico City, and I was writing the next bunch of songs for Manolo Redondo. Dan Johnson met me there at Hotel Lupita in the beautiful Ciudad Oaxaca where I was staying.

From there we rented a car and went on the road. Along the Pacific coast, pursuing the vague idea of writing songs (for me), and creating images (for Dan). There was no plan, just this exciting feeling.

We jumped in the waves, drank mescal. A few musical and visual ideas came up: pictures & future songs, but moreover the will to go further into this adventure, to dig deeper.

So we met again during the next fall, in the desert of California, to extend the road trip we had started in Mexico, and turn to images to the collection of songs I had finished in the meantime.

Seven days in the desert – we walked, burned dry wood, talked, camped under the stars. I sang a little, I was in pain, sometimes… we found a guitar and a bird in an abandoned wooden house. 

A sandstorm blew us back to LA and the ocean. I took my flight home on a night I could see the Hollywood Hills on fire… to Paris, and the winter, my head filled with the desert.

Film director – Daniel Johnson

Music label – Violette Records

Web design – D’ailleurs